Vodafone is to ditch the HTC HD2 in favour of the Apple iPhone, which it is expected to begin selling in early 2010, it's been revealed.

Although initial sales of the high-end HTC handset appear to have been a success for the operator, with stock in short supply, Vodafone has made the decision to dump the Windows Mobile handset when its iPhone sales kick off.

"We are not re-stocking the HTC HD2 for general consumer sales once current stock runs out. We have had a massive amount of interest in it, and our initial stock sold out quickly. Subsequent deliveries have been used to fulfil backorders, but we are not looking to re-stock the device", a Vodafone spokesperson told ElectricPig.  

"Looking at the range of smartphones we have, and with more coming over the next few months, including the iPhone, we're confident that we continue to offer the broadest range of devices to our customers", the spokesperson continued.

It seems a strange move from Vodafone, and may re-ignite speculation that Apple dictates many terms to iPhone operators - including what rival handsets they can offer.

UPDATE on 24/12/09: An HTC spokesperson has got in touch with the following statement: "Following its availability in November 2009, we have been extremely pleased by the strong sales and positive feedback from Vodafone about the HTC HD2.  Vodafone's strategy continues to be to provide the HD2 as part of its broad portfolio. The HD2 will continue to be available through Vodafone for consumer sales via www.vodafone.co.uk and for enterprise customers".