Vodafone has launched a software update to its Mobile Connect software for Mac users around the globe, meaning Snow Leopard users can now get online with the 3G Mobile Broadband dongles once again.

Although Snow Leopard officially launched in September, Vodafone had been slow to update it's software meaning those who did upgrade where unable to get online.

At the time, Vodafone blamed 64-bit support, with many users trying to come up with ways of getting around the fault.

The news, which is likely to be welcomed by the army of mobile workers who use Vodafone's 3G dongle offering, means that Snow Leopard users can now get online as well as access a host of new features like send SMS messages from their dongle.

The software has also had a compete overhaul in terms of appearance and will now also let users see how much data they are using and manage their LAN connections as well via the interface, something that while available in the past, wasn't the easiest to find.

You can download the new update from Vodafone global.