As Orange starts to offer the iPhone in the UK, Vodafone has sent out an email to all those who pre-registered interest in the device about its launch of the Apple mobile.

The promotional mailer claims that Vodafone is the fastest network for iPhone to download video on, with the following boast:

"We've been out and about testing our network across the UK. Whilst our guys were watching the latest YouTube clips on the iPhone they found that Vodafone delivered the fastest download time for a 10 minute video".

No stats are provided to back the claim up.

Meanwhile, under the heading "get ready for your big day", Vodafone is offering five "top tips" for "getting ready" for the iPhone launch on Vodafone, which includes the likes of setting up an iTunes account.

Vodafone is due to offer the iPhone in early 2010 - we'll keep you posted with more news.