When it's not busy announcing that it will be launching a range of handsets with the Google Android OS on them, Verizon, the US mobile operator is busy slamming the competition.

In a new advertising campaign launched on Monday in the US, the carrier shows a phone user getting the most from his mobile phone.

Coming with the slogan "There's a map for that" the advert shows a number of different applications being used with coverage maps hovering over the user.

It ends with a map of AT&T's coverage map with the words:

"Browse the Web and download music and apps, at 3G speed, in five times more places than the nation's number two wireless carrier. Before you pick a phone, pick a network".

Verizon, still no doubt smarting from the lack of iPhone for the past 2 years, is fighting back in the smartphone market with the announcement that it will be stocking a number of handsets in the near future with the Android OS in addition to its other models, including the BlackBerry Storm 2 and Windows Phone devices.