Verizon has announced new monthly service plans ahead of the introduction of the Google Nexus One on its network.

Verizon now offers a 25MB for $9.99 per month data package, while those with feature phones can opt to pay $1.99 per megabyte.

Data packages for 3G smartphones such as BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile handsets or Android devices will cost $29.99 per month which converts to £18.40 at today's rate.

A Nationwide Unlimited Talk plan that means customers can call anyone in the United States for $69.99 a month and a Nationwide Unlimited Talk & Text plan to call and send text, picture and video messages to anyone in the country for $89.99 have been introduced in addition to new Family SharePlans with "unlimited" options.

Prepaid plans get a new Monthly Unlimited Prepaid option that offers the same kind of deal as for contract customers but are priced higher at $74.99 and $94.99 per month.