Toshiba has launched a 4GB microSDHC memory card, for use mainly with mobile phone applications.

Available from July, the card will be able to hold up to 69 hours of music and 28 hours of one-segment TV programmes.

The card is "class 4" SD Speed Class applying highly secure CRM copyright technology.

For those technically minded, Toshiba’s 4GB microSDHC card meets SD memory card standard Ver. 2.00, the SD card standard for high density SD products with a capacity of over 2GB. The card is designed for use in dedicated microSDHC slots, but can also be used in standard SDHC card slots with an adapter.

The market for high density memory cards is predicted to grow alongside increasing demand for digital equipment, such as mobile phones that can record and display video and high resolution images.

SDHC Memory Cards can be used with devices that support the SD Memory Card Ver. 2.00 standard. They are not backward compatible with standard SD Memory Cards however.