Toshiba chose Mobile World Congress to officially unveil its TG02 smartphone and we were on hand to grab some pics.

The main points of note for the handset over the previous outing is that its shifted from a resistive touchscreen display to a capacitive screen and that it now runs Windows Mobile 6.5.3. 

The Toshiba spokesman we spoke to on the stand wasn't sure however whether it would be getting the new shiny Windows phone 7 series experience launched at Mobile World Congress for when it comes out. 

However without a 3.5mm headphones jack entertainment fans are unlikely to be wooed towards the Toshiba offering anyway. 

Also on display, but out of reach unless you have incredibly long fingers was the also announced at MWC, Toshiba K01. Like Sony Ericsson, Toshiba thinks it needs to offer a slide out qwerty keyboard model just in case some people don't like a touchscreen only offering.