3 has announced it will be offering consumers the chance to earn cash by promoting free Pay As You Go SIMs to their friends and family using social networks.

The "3 Free Agent" programme is said to be the first scheme of this kind available in the UK.

3's head of online, Ash Roots says, "The idea is simple. Use your social networks to give free 3 PAYG SIMs to your mates".

"As soon as they put their free SIM into a 3G phone and top-up, you'll get £5 cash paid into a PayPal account and your friends get £2 extra applied to their PAYG credit. Get 10 friends signed up and topped up and that’s £50 in your pocket".

Those interested need to register at Freeagent.three.co.uk, while a Facebook widget that will see the scheme promoted via the site is coming soon.