3's own-brand Skypephones are out of stock across the country and not showing up at all on the company's website, leaving a gap in the operator's phone portfolio.

Although 3 currently offers the INQ1, or Facebook phone, a model that 3 stores are offering as an alternative thanks to its Skype-ing abilities, the S1 and S2 are no longer available.

The S1 was launched back in October 2007 and was notable for offering a dedicated Skype key and free Skype calls while the similar S2 debuted in August last year.

3's UK PR has told Pocket-lint that the Skypephones are still ranged but "out of stock", but five shops we called said the phones were no longer in production, with one staffer promising a new launch soon.

Hutchison Whampoa, the makers of the INQ1 and 3's parent company, promised as many as six INQ-branded mobiles in 2009, so as we head into April, bets could be on for an imminent new model in the range, to fill the S1 and S2's shoes.