Mobile operator 3 has issued a press release following the news that iPhone and BlackBerry-flavoured Skype apps are incoming, stating that "everyone's still playing catch up with 3".

3 points out that Skype has been available on 3 since 2006, and unlike the iPhone's Wi-Fi-only app, 3's "Skype application uses 3G and not Wi-Fi to connect the call, (so) our customers can make a call whenever they're in signal".

The operator is also at pains to point out that its Skype-enabled offerings are available on contract from £9 a month as well as for pre-pay customers who regularly top up.

3 offers the original Skypephone and the Skypephone S2 as well as the INQ1 Facebook phone all with dedicated Skype functionality, claiming they are a Skype success story:

3 says over 1 million minutes of Skype to Skype calls are made on 3 every month, all for free.