3 has announced the launch of the new "Books on the Go" service, designed to bring best-selling books to subscribers’ mobile handsets in text or audio format.

The service, provided by Andy McNab's GoSpoken.com, lets users browse, buy and download books from publishers such as HarperCollins and Penguin wherever they are.

3 says Books on the Go will add more than 100 new titles every month, with a variety of authors ranging from Stephen King and Patricia Cornwell to Cecilia Ahern.

3 UK’s entire customer-base will be able to preview free extracts before either downloading the whole book for £5-10, or choosing to download the book in several parts at a cost of £1 to £3 each.

3 says downloading an entire audio book takes "minutes" while eBooks will "be available to read in seconds".

3 UK subscribers can access the new Books on the Go service through Planet 3.