3 Business, the new small business division of mobile operator 3 has launched a range of new deals for small businesses with the introduction of Business Mix and Match plans.

Starting from £12.77 per month, 3 Business customers can choose from a range of options for voice minutes, texts, mobile broadband data and handsets.

In addition, for the first time on any network, 3’s Business Mix & Match plans offer free Skype calls from mobiles, which enable businesses to stay in touch for free via internet calling.

Every Business Mix and Match customer will receive 300 free 3-to-3 minutes, free Skype-to-Skype calls, free voicemail and free Instant Messenger.

Customers can now select from five plans while handset choice includes Nokia’s N95 or the HTC TyTN II, alongside older handsets such as Nokia’s E61 and 6500 slider.