3 has announced it is now offering mobile broadband on a Pay As You Go basis, which means people can enjoy connectivity on the go without the ties of a minimum-term contract.

Customers can now top up their PAYG USB Modem or "dongle" as they would top up their mobile - as long as they fork out the £100 necessary for the hardware.

Once customers have got their hands on a PAYG dongle for the one-off payment of £99.99, they can purchase a Top-up online at the 3 site, over the phone or in any shop where the Top-Up logo is displayed.

They can then convert their Top-up to a £10, £15 or £25 broadband add-on offering 1GB, 3GB or 7GB download limits with extra MBs charged at £1.

3 has also extended its dongle range. Limited edition pink and black versions of the white original dongle are now available, as well as a new rectangular black and green model.

And, as well as the new dongle designs, 3 has partnered with "Skins4Things" to create sticker designs for dongles with patterns such as leopard skin, polka dots and the Union Jack available.