Three has announced it is set to launch a new mobile broadband service for consumers in the UK.

Available in certain areas from the 3rd September, the service will cost from £10 per month - 3 is claiming this new service is cheaper than rivals offerings.

Aimed at today's "mobile generation" rather than just business users, the upgraded Mobile Broadband service will offer download speeds up to 2.8Mbps.

3 is calling this its "Turbo Network" - although it's HSDPA for those of a more technical nature.

Consumers have a choice of Lite, Plus or Max tariffs offering data allowances of 1GB, 3GB or 7GB for £10, £15 or £25 per month, with 10p per megabyte charges over their allowance.

3 has provided guidelines for what these limits should mean for consumers - they say 1GB will give you around 40 hours surfing, plus 280 text e-mails, plus 80 music downloads plus 20 Hours of video streaming.

3 will deliver this to your laptop via a USB dongle that starts from £99 if you opt for a year contract, but is free if you sign up for Plus or Max tariff on a 24-month option.

The roll-out schedule will see 50% of the UK population covered initially, with 85% covered by December, the schedule is:

Phase 1 - 3 Sept: Northern England (north of Birmingham), Scotland, Northern Ireland and inside the North/South Circular in London
Phase 2 – October 07: Above plus population inside the M25
Phase 3 – November 07: Above plus cities in southern England of over 200K population
Phase 4 – Dec 07: Above plus other cities in southern England