The latest European iPhone rumours come from a source that apparently works for one of the two big mobile phone operators that have previously been mentioned in connection with the iPhone's Euro launch: "I’m unable to provide any details about me as this would reveal my job description".

Cloak and dagger stuff, although we like their message - the revelations suggest that the UK and Germany will be the first countries to jointly be blessed with the iPhone's presence in Q4 2007.

We will also be joined by either France, Spain or Italy, but any country that doesn't become part of that initial holy trinity will not see an iPhone until 2008.

This is something that Apple themselves confirmed when revealing their latest financial results, which therefore gives credence to the rest of the "facts" put forth by this source.

Apparently, the Euro-iPhone will not be subsidised - something that we've expected but will still be a bit of a learning curve for us Euro-types who are accustomed to getting free phones as a reward for forking out for contracts.

The really good stuff, the interesting part, although short on details, is that (translated quote):

"In 2008 3 (or 4) new versions/varieties of the iPhone will be available for the European market (each with different specifications)".

This could suggest both the iPhone nano, the pared down iPhone and - joy of joys - the 3G iPhone that will ensure those EDGE data woes are not inflicted upon Europe, as well as at least one more as yet un-discussed variant.

The iPhone shuffle, we think. The model that randomly dials a number from you phone books when you want to make a call - heck - that could really make life interesting.