Navman has expanded its NavPix family of products to include a brand-new N-series range, which are smaller and sleeker than previous Navman devices.

The N20, N40i and N60i are built around the NavPix concept, which allows users to take photos of places to which they’d like to return or send friends to, and obtain geographical data for their location.

All three devices come with pre-loaded safety (speed) camera information, and feature full postcode search.

Although the N20 doesn’t feature a built-in camera like the others do, it lets you download NavPix photos of places from the Navman website; to navigate there, simply touch the image of the place you’d like to go, and the satnav will give you directions from where you are.

The N series also includes European street level mapping, which is preloaded on the top-of-the-range N60i, provided on CD for the N40i, and available for the N20 using an unlock key available free online for a limited time.

The N20, which is the basic unit, will be available for £249, while the next model up, the N40i, which incorporates a camera to create your own NavPix photos, costs £299. The premier N60i features a slightly bigger, 4.3-inch screen and European mapping as standard, will be on sale for £399.