The mobile network 3 is launching two new mobile email services for consumers as well as business users, to make it easier and cheaper for customers to check mail on the go.

The new services make use of "pushmail", where email is delivered to your regular inbox as well as straight to your mobile phone.

Mobile Mail costs just £2.50 a month, and has a usage allowance of 10MB. It lets customers send and receive emails from existing online accounts from providers such as Yahoo, AOL, and MSN.

For business users, 3 has developed Mobile Office Mail, so that email can be delivered from business mail exchange servers like Lotus and Exchange. It costs £5 per month for a 15MB usage allowance, and includes synchronisation with contacts and calendars stored on the PC.

The first devices that support the service are the new Nokia E61 smart phone, which can handle MS Office, Windows XP, Adobe Reader, and Zipped File Reader; the Nokia N80, the Motorola A1000, and the QTEC 9000.