Navman has announced three new GPS units; the iCN720 and iCN750 and iCN530 and a new web application called NavPix today.

Differing from other GPS units on the market, the new flagship models, the iCN720 and iCN750 include a 1.3 megapixel digital camera on the back allowing you to be able to take photographs of restaurants or friends and automatically store those locations in your GPS unit for use at a later date.

In connection with the new service, NavPix, users will be able to upload and download further locations or share locations with friends and family.

The new models also both feature a 4-inch wide touch-screen display, as well as coming with the new SIRF Star III GPS technology that allows you to pick up a signal (in most cases) in doors.

Inside and the iCN750 includes a 4GB hard drive while the iCN720 includes a flash drive and both come with a selection of maps of Europe.

The former will all of them preinstalled, the later just with the country and neighbouring areas depending on where you bought it.

Navman has also said that its priority software has also been developed from scratch to fit in with the new screen size.

In addition to the above features the iCN750 and iCN720 offers dedicated hardware buttons to find the nearest petrol station and car park.

Navman has also said that it has upgraded the postcode search capability to eight characters instead of the previous four.

In addition to the iCN750 and iCN720, Navman has also launched the iCN539 which includes the new improved GPS SIRF Star III technology as well as updates to the mapping system.

All three units come with the option of Navman's vastly improved TMC enabled cradle that includes a built-in GPS antenna similar to Sony's Nav-u offering and an easy release mechanism so you can remove it from the car quickly.

The iCN700 series models will cost £399 and £549 respectively. The iCN530 will cost £299. The TMC cradle will cost £100. All three models are expected to be in the shops in May.