3 is boasting 1 million music downloads in just 4 months since it launched its music service in the UK, suggesting that perhaps people do want music on their mobile.

With over 10% of James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" UK sales being purchased on 3, the mobile music medium is now playing a major role in the UK charts.

OCC figures show that 3's audio sales already account for 3.7% of the combined singles chart and 7.5% of the download chart this year.

Other artists celebrating mobile success with 3 include: Hard-Fi's Cash Machine, which sold 7.4% of all singles on 3 and Kaiser Chiefs' I Predict a Riot, which sold 5.5% of all singles on 3.

3's video sales - which currently outstrip audio sales - are not considered eligible for inclusion in the charts by the OCC. If included, the company predict that its share of the singles market would more than double. Over 15 million music videos have been watched by 3 customers since the launch of its video jukebox.

3's customers pay a flat rate for each track or video, with no hidden per megabyte costs unlike some other services which charge you for the track and the data.