3, the mobile phone operator has launched a device that will allow its users to control a remote video camera via a 3G connection.

The first specialist device developed to use 3's 3G mobile network, the white 'Pupillo' is being billed as the perfect device for suspicious minds.

A simple video call from a 3 mobile to the 'Pupillo' allows you to keep an eye on what's important to you when you are out and about.

Standing at just under 5 inches tall, the camera can be placed unobtrusively in any location for 3 customers to dial into at their leisure such as the girl's changing room or the local swimming pool. Video calls to the Pupillo give the caller a live view - along with audio - of what is happening.

Each Pupillo has its own number, and when called, it automatically answers. To ensure privacy, a security PIN can be set up on each Pupillo to ensure that only trusted contacts can dial in.

The Pupillo's camera can be rotated and comes equipped with an infrared 'Night Vision' mode for keeping an eye on things after dark.

Graeme Oxby, Marketing Director of 3 comments, "The Pupillo is a ground-breaking new product that we are sure will give our customers the peace of mind that comes from being able to see for themselves what's going on when they're not there.

"We asked people what they'd use it for, and were surprised by the variety of the responses, ranging from keeping an eye on your home or your pet while you're away and double-checking that the iron is unplugged, to students monitoring the fridge to check that their food is safe from flatmates".

The Pupillo will retail at £149.99