3, the 3G phone operator is hoping to entice wannabe stars to its service by launching See Me TV, a way for 3 customers to earn cash in exchange for popular video content.

See Me TV is set to become the ultimate reality channel - providing an opportunity for 3 customers to shine in front a potential audience of millions.

All the budding star has to do is submit a 30 second video clip to the service displaying their talents in front of or behind the camera. The clip will then be uploaded to the ‘See Me TV' channel for other 3 customers to view.

A spokesman for 3 added: "Nothing will go onto the site without being watched and checked to make sure it conforms to the correct standards, and prevent any lewd, rude or illegal material".

Each time a clip is downloaded by a 3 customer the performer gets paid 1p. With a potential audience of 3.2 million, the most popular clips from contributors could make thousands of pounds worth of cash.

Credits from downloads are accumulated in an account and then a transfer made via Paypal - with no cap on what a 3 customer can earn from See Me TV.

Gareth Jones, 3's Chief Operating Officer, comments, “Our customers are using their video mobiles in endlessly creative ways to entertain their mates and See Me TV will take this trend to the next level. We wanted to create the ultimate reality channel, where you're the talent and you decide what you want to do. And the more popular your clips, the more money you stand to make. The only limit to what you can earn is your talent - or the lengths you'll go to make an impression”.

See Me TV is accessed via the 3 Services menu and is updated daily. To help viewers navigate through the thousands of mini-movie clips that will be available they are divided into categories, from ‘Stupid Stuff' to ‘Cuddly' and ‘Dead Impressive'.

The most popular clips appear at the top of the browser to help cut straight through to the top talent. All clips are presented with the name of the ‘director' and a title to encourage performers to add attention.