In a move that sees the battle for the digital music market hot up further, mobile media company 3 today announced that every audio track its customers download to mobile handsets will also be available online for no extra charge.

Until now, customers buying tracks on their mobiles have not been able to access their music on other devices.

On 3's new music service, called dual download - customers who buy their music over the air will not only get their track delivered to their handset, but will be able to get a copy of their track online. They can then play it on their laptop or PC, transfer it onto an MP3 player, or burn it onto a CD.

Gareth Jones, 3's Chief Operating Officer, said: “Until now, a track downloaded onto mobile hasn't been yours to enjoy on other devices. We are launching a service that lets the customers decide how they want to listen to their music”.

3's music service will sell tracks at the rather expensive flat rate of £1.50, with each track available on both mobiles and also as a PC download. Customers buying a track over the air will automatically be sent a text message with a PIN code to access the same track as a PC download.