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(Pocket-lint) - An intelligent magnetic hardware and software combination called Nanoport will be able to connect phones, magnetically, so they can share data or become one giant screen.

The Nanoport magnetic connector was shown off as a model at CES last January and will be returning as a full working model this January, according to SlashGear.

The Nanoport will allow users to connect their phones to share data but also to become a better screen. Perhaps you have an old phone or are with someone who isn’t using theirs – connect the two and you have a double screen for easy page turning while reading books. Or connect three together for a widescreen movie watching experience.


Of course in reality both users will need the Nanoport magnetic system. And whether it will work with all phones isn't clear. Then you have to consider variations in screen size and resolution as being issues too. Also will there be a specific phone that comes out with the Nanoport initially?

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So at this stage it's still a cool idea that comes with a lot of questions. Hopefully all will be revealed at CES in January 2015. But if it is universal is it something you'd pay money for? We're not sure we'd shell out too much for the novelty, but if it's affordable why not?

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Writing by Luke Edwards.
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