UK network Three has killed unlimited tethering allowances for new customers, capping the highest tier to 2GB of data used within an existing contract. It will charge for each 1GB extra used.

In addition, it now only offers unlimited data on its most pricey plans.

Three recently changed its service from 3G to offer 4G for all, but that seems to have come at a cost. The company is moving more in line with rivals, such as Vodafone, EE and O2.

Only customers that are signing up for a new handset contract are affected, says Wired. SIM-free contracts and those already using Three's service will continue on their current plans. However, Three will change the former later this year.

On the up side, the network has also announced that it is making 0800 calls free for all of its mobile customers. This is pre-empting the Ofcom demand that mobile use of 08 numbers should reflect the costs charged by landline operators.