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(Pocket-lint) - Holidaymakers who are on Three’s network will be able to tweet, post pictures to Facebook and keep up with all that’s happening in Blighty from their smartphone this summer for just £5 a day.

The £5 a day Euro Internet Pass entitles the customer to unlimited mobile use anywhere in the EU and can be purchased via a link that will be sent as a text message each time a Three customer lands abroad.

Usually “unlimited” is capped once you reach a certain amount of data. However, Three assures us that in this case it really does mean unlimited.

There’s no contract so customers will be charged only each day they use it, though it’s worth considering that if you only plan to post one gloating picture to your Facebook wall then this will still cost you £5. 

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The Euro Internet Pass also means you’ll be able to use your smartphone’s mapping services and download apps, though Three does say that as it’s designed for browsing, streaming may not be as good an experience as it is back in the UK.

Three’s Euro Internet Pass is the latest move by an operator to make mobile use abroad more attractive.

Vodafone recently announced that for £3 a day customers could expect the same call, texting and browsing costs as their usual tariff, while T-Mobile also offers a Euro Internet Booster add on that allows up to 50MB of data per month for £10.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.