The next generation of Three MiFi has arrived, with the network now offering the Huawei E586 MiFi online and in-store.

The E586 MiFi boasts an initial 50 per cent speed increase on the current speed on offer, with a further boost planned as the network starts to rollout its 21.1Mbps upgrade later this year.

The new MiFi looks just like the old one (the E585), packing an OLED screen to display things like data used and connection speed, as well as message notifications. The single button activation found in the previous MiFi is also, thankfully, still there.

Included in the new Huawei setup will be a charging cradle, meaning you don't need to use the conventional USB to plug method found in older models. 

Ernest Doku from uSwitch commented: “We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the UK’s first mobile Wi-Fi device with HSPA+ technology. It hasn’t disappointed.

"The speed test confirmed that this is one speedy little gadget. We got a consistent and strong download speed of 5.9Mb - that's over 50 per faster than Three’s previous MiFi. It also performed well when streaming content and web pages loaded noticeably faster."

On PAYG, the new Three MiFi dongle will cost from £71.99, but there are also contract options too, that take the price down to £39.99. Check out all the deals at the Three Store.

Three Mi-Fi Mobile Wi-Fi (Huawei E585) review