If you live in the good-old English countryside you're lucky enough to breathe the fresh air everyday, take long walks without risk of being run over by a Boris bike and drink a pint of proper beer that costs less than £4.50.

But chances are, you probably don't get as good broadband coverage as your city-slicking cousins. Luckily though, Three has teamed up with Countryside Alliance to form the Rural Broadband Working Group - an initiative to supply free internet coverage to the rural "not-spots".

Three will supply dongles and MiFi devices to give away around 4 million MBs of free connectivity, in a move supported by the Race Online 2012 team.

The first place to benefit will be Gringley-on-the-Hill in North Nottinghamshire - a village of around 750 people. The village will be supplied with 30 mobile broadband dongles and MiFi devices.

Hugo Dunkley, chairman of the Gringley-on-the-Hill Parish Council, said: “We had written to the House of Lords, our local MP, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and even a large fixed-line provider about the lack of comprehensive broadband in the community, but with no success. There was broadband in a small corner of the village, but everywhere else speeds were frustratingly slow.

"Mobile broadband has addressed this problem and the dongles are allowing the people and businesses of the village to use the Internet to its full potential for the first time."

David Dyson, CEO at Three said, "Thousands of communities still cannot access fixed line broadband services, but they do have access to a mobile broadband network, and that’s where this new initiative comes in.

"We have built a network designed for the Internet and are passionate about using this to help more and more people experience the everyday benefits this can bring"