Three's mobile broadband is set for a speed boost thanks to the introduction of the new Huawei E367 premium dongle.

The dongle offers up to 40 per cent faster browsing and makes Three's mobile data network even more appealing - it's already racked up a few awards including being ranked top dog by a recent YouGov survey.

The E367 has HSPA+ capabilities and features a rotating head for better access to the 3G network. The USB connector tucks away, so you don't need to spend half the day on your hands and knees looking for the pesky cap.

David Kerrigan, Three’s head of mobile broadband, said: “Huawei has done a great job delivering this superior dongle, in both form and function. Whether browsing the internet, downloading files or streaming video, this dongle delivers an even better internet experience on our 3G network, which is built for mobile internet.”

It's available from 7 April and will set you back £69.99 on PAYG with 1GB, or £49.99 on a rolling £15.99, 5GB contract. You can get it for free if you take a 15GB, £18.03 per month contract for two years.

Existing Three mobile broadband users can upgrade to the E367 for £59.99.

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