Three's mobile broadband network has been rated the UK's best for the second successive year after a YouGov survey of users.

Three was awarded the title after customers praised its connection speeds, ease of use, reliability and value for money.

In a separate YouGov survey, Three was also rated as the best network, for speed and value, for iPhone users.

Three’s director of mobile broadband, Joe Parker said: "We’re thrilled that our customers have rated us the number one mobile broadband provider in the UK for the second time running, but also that smartphone users, including iPhone customers, are seeing the value of our strong 3G network. It’s a huge accolade and we can’t thank our customers enough".

In the same iPhone iTrack report, Orange was voted as the worst network for iPhone users satisfaction, coming bottom on 10 out of 14 satisfaction criteria based on both voice and data services.

In the report, Vodafone was rated as the network most likely to benefit from "churners" (people who switch networks), with 22 per cent of all churners planning on switching to the network.

But enough of what the YouGov respondents thought, we want to know what you, the Pocket-lint reader thinks about this subject. What network are you on, for mobile internet and / or your smartphone and how does it perform? Give us your thoughts below.