Three, the UK mobile operator has announced that it has updated its Pay As You Go tariffs.

Going forward, users of the PAYG service will be able to "add a bit more" with the company's new package and new range of Add-ons.

Users will continue to get 150MB of internet for free every time you top up that lasts for 30 days, but can now convert their top-up to an Add-on that’ll give you between 500MB and 1GB extra internet, along with a minutes allowance that you can use to call any network, and a massive bundle of texts.

By converting a tenner of your Top-up funds to an Add-on you’ll get 100 minutes, 500MB of internet and 3,000 texts for example.

Users looking to get the ultimate saving will be able to spend £25 and get 3,000 texts, 500 minutes, and 1GB of internet.

The new offer is available now.