Anyone thinking of getting in on 3's value data package with the iPad can think again. According to the company's UK CEO, Kevin Russell, it would be out of keeping for the network to try to compete with the bigger players.

While he expected Apple's new device to make an impact he all but ruled out such a move for the exclusive, with 3's strategy more for alternative offers such as the Skypephone, Spotify deals and INQ that we've seen in the past. He said:

"With everyone bidding for the iPad it starts to become like a Premier League footballer and you end up paying more than you should".

While 3 hinted at further Android handsets - as well as the HTC Hero the network currently sells - and "half a dozen more Spotify phones in the coming months", it was the push for greater service and coverage that remains top of the agenda.

"Our positions may have seemed wacky from the outside in the past but they have been consistent with how we think of the future of digital traffic. Basically, we're trying to build a seriously hot mobile network for everyone to use".