3 has announced it has activated its 10,000th 3G site this week as a site in Shooters Hill, South East London, went online bringing better 3G coverage and more capacity to the area.

The site was added to the network as part of an expansion drive that 3 says should see its network reach around 13,000 sites this year, in part thanks to the Mobile Broadband Network Limited joint venture with T-Mobile.

Graham Baxter, CTO at 3 UK said in press release: "Over the past two years the continued growth of internet communications, smartphone use and mobile broadband uptake have brought the need for good 3G network coverage into sharp focus for millions of consumers. Our network is already the biggest 3G network in the UK. Now we're adding new coverage and capacity across the country to meet demand and bring the benefits of 3G to people who’ve never had access in their area before".

That best 3G network boast - that Orange also claims - is based on positioning of sites, residential population figures and an estimation of the reach of the network. 3 says its 3G network reaches 92.75% of the UK population and covers 99.5% for voice and text.