TCL has given a sneak peak at its upcoming range of own-brand smartphones called the 10 Series. It features three phones, and all three will be officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. 

The three devices - named the the TCL 10L, 10 Pro and 10 5G - will be launched on 22 February as part of the annual mobile-focused trade show in Spain, and are the next stage in the manufacturer attempting to make a name for itself in the smartphone world. 

We say 'make a name for itself' on purpose, because while the company has been manufacturing phones for a while now, it only started selling phones with its own brand name in western markets in 2019. Before that, it made phones with other brand names on them; like BlackBerry, Alcatel and Palm


The TCL Plex was the maker's very first TCL-stamped mobile device, and the 10 series continues on from where that promising device left off. 

All three devices share similarities, like the multiple cameras being lined up horizontally across the back, rather than being squished in a corner like most other devices in recent months. 

They share that curved glass panel on the back, although it appears as though different finishes will be available on the different devices. There's a blue colour with multiple colour layers giving a rainbow-like effect, plus there's a deep green with a frosted glass finish, not too dissimilar to the green Apple uses in its iPhone 11 Plus series. 

TCL wasn't forthcoming about the specs, so we don't know a lot about these phones right now. With that said, camera resolutions and vague details printed on the back. 


What we do know is that two of the phones will sport a 64-megapixel sensor, and the other a 48-megapixel, and they all appear to have a dedicated Macro lens for close ups. 

The phones all use displays made by TCL itself, with the 10 Pro sporting the manufacturer's 'Edge AMOLED display', which curves towards the edges, creating an edge-to-edge look. The only thing encroaching on its space is a tiny dewdrop notch at the top.

The other two have a hole-punch camera in the corner.

Two of the phones - the 10L and 10 5G - have a physical fingerprint sensor on the back, while the 10 Pro doesn't. It will have an in-display fingerprint reader. 

No real specifics are given on the processing power inside these phones, except with the 5G model. TCL says it will use the newly announced 7-series 5G processor, which means it's more than likely going to be the Snapdragon 765. 


TCL 10 series phones will be available in the US and Canada with staggered launches starting from the Q2 2020, all with prices starting under $500. There will be a global rollout as well, and we seem to be getting the sense that the 5G model might launch a little later than the others, which isn't at all unusual.