Tag Heuer has announced its latest Android phone, known as the Tag Heuer Racer. Launching with the tagline "crafted for high performance" Tag Heuer hasn't specified exactly what it means by high performance and hasn't yet fleshed out all the specs.

The glossy teaser video (above) does reveal a few details, however. Yes, there is carbon fibre used in the construction and an intelligent operating system, with Tag Heuer stating that it will running the latest Android software, so that's Ice Cream Sandwich.

There is a passing reference to a high-speed processor, but also the customisable 3D user interface. So that sounds like Tag has added its own skin - let's hope it's something that looks great without compromising the Android we know and love beneath it (like the Prada Phone by LG 3.0) and not just a tweaked SPB Shell 3D.

tag heuer racer high performance android price to match video  image 2

With the emphasis on high performance, Tag Heuer points out the engineering excellence, claiming "unparalleled torsion and strength to weight ratio". Inspired by GT cars and Formula 1, Tag is using the right language, but the phone looks quite far removed from the current thin and light trend.

It looks more like something that Batman would use, with mesh and carbon fibre set into what look like a rubberised body. The result is that it looks like a rugged phone, rather than something you'll slip into the pocket of Ralph Lauren khakis when lounging on the poop deck of your yacht.

We do have a price, however, and that is €2800. It will be available in July from "luxury mobile boutiques".

Of course this isn't the first Android handset to be called the Racer. The ZTE Racer of 2010 was quite the opposite, offering Android mediocrity for less the £100. 

We're trying to get more information and we will keep you posted.

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