3 has announced it is very soon to offer the Sony Ericsson Satio, the first 12-megapixel camera phone on sale in the UK.

Available on both contract and on a pay as you go basis, cost-concious consumers will be happy to note that 3 is under cutting Vodafone's pricing for the new phone.

While Vodafone is offering the Satio free on £35 per month, 2-year contracts, 3 customers can get the handset for free by signing up to a £30 per month tariff for 18 months.

3's Mix and Match contract comes with 300 minutes or texts, 300 3-to-3 calls, free voicemail, free Skype-to-Skype calls and Windows Live Messenger. Unlimited internet and email access costs an extra £5 a month.

For those that would rather nab the new handset without a contract, they'll need to shell out £399.99.
The Sony Ericsson Satio will be available from 3 from the 30 October.