Sony Ericsson has contacted Pocket-lint to warn our readers of a hoax that's currently doing the rounds on email.

The phone manufacturer says it's been made aware of the email "campaign" claiming that Ericsson will give away a free laptop computer to users who forward the promotional information.

With a photograph of the Sony Ericsson logo and mention of an Ericsson contact name and email number, the company is concerned consumers will be tricked into carrying out the instructions.

Sony Ericsson has confirmed that this email campaign is a hoax and the contact name given does not exist within the company.

The company warns: "Please be wary of any competition or promotion that appears to come from outside of Sony Ericsson or Sony Ericsson’s partners official channels. Examples of these include via spam emails or SMS".

"Please do not reply to or forward the email if you receive it", is the message from Sony Ericsson.