At Mobile World Congress 2008 Sony Ericsson announced the launch of the Xperia X1. This year the company is unveiling four new panels for the X1's customised panel-based homescreen.

A CNN panel claims to keep users constantly updated with the latest news, sport, or weather and a host of CNN content including access to CNN's citizen journalism tool, "i-Report".

A Skype panel offers quick access to Skype on the X1. Sony Ericsson says users can browse easily through their contacts and call or instant message them in just a couple of clicks.

The Mytopia panel lets you play bingo and poker games with people around the world.

The specially developed "On the Road" panel is said to include large touch icons and a simple layout, offering direct access to music playlists and tracks, navigation tools and easy to use call-handling for when out and about.

Sony Ericsson says "close to" 420,000 panels have been downloaded onto X1 devices around the world.

The new panels will be available to download from the middle of March 2009, more info can be found at