3 and Sony Ericsson have announced a partnership to bring "enhanced" versions of Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and YouTube uploader tool to mobile internet users.

with the claim of taking popular social networking applications and integrating them into the handset, the companies say they will offer a "zero click" experience that allows you to view Facebook friends, interact with Windows Live Mobile contacts from your phonebook, and upload videos taken on your handset directly to YouTube.

The first handset to feature all of these integrated applications will be the C510 Cyber-shot that will offer the enhanced Facebook features including friends' status and photos on a carousel on the home screen.

The YouTube uploader tool, apparently uniquely developed for 3, will let users upload videos directly to YouTube and give the option of sharing the YouTube link via SMS.

The Windows Live Messenger application will alert users when a new instant message arrives, even if the app is minimised and will give the option to start a chat session with a contact directly from the phonebook.

The special C510 will be available from March.