Sony Ericsson has launched two new "panels" for the Xperia X1, teaming up with Facebook and Microsoft Windows Live.

The new Facebook application built for Sony Ericsson uses the panel-based interface of the Xperia X1 to deliver an "intuitive" version of the site, putting images of your friends onto your phone's standby screen and showing their latest status updates as you touch their images.

Sony Ericsson says it promises an entirely new visual representation of friends’ statuses as well as simple photo uploads to Facebook and easy access to Facebook friends list and phone numbers, with click to call capabilities.

The Windows Live panel works on much the same basis and uses existing Windows Live ID to sync contacts held in the X1's phonebook.

The panel will provide access to a Microsoft messenger interface, including Hotmail and Live Messenger.

The Facebook, Windows Live and other Dashwire panels are available for free download via the device’s on-board downloader and from the Sony Ericsson website.