At the launch of the hotly anticipated G1 Google Android phone from T-Mobile and HTC, Google promised "a 1000 gPhones".

Well, a report in Reuters seems to suggest that Sony Ericsson could well be one of manufacturers to produce an Android model ... just not yet.

President Dick Komiyama told journos at a event in the southern Swedish city of Lund: "We are certainly studying this opportunity [Android], although we're not in a position to do this at this moment".

"We should look at this application", he said. "We are certainly interested."

Sony Ericsson was asked to join the Open Handset Alliance initially by Google in November 2007, but declined, saying it wanted to concentrate on its UIQ interface.

It has yet to join the likes of LG, HTC, Samsung and Motorola.

Sony Ericsson also remains a member of the rival Symbian Foundation.