Sony Ericsson has announced it is to expand its range of Bluetooth watches with three new models aimed at women.

Designed in partnership with Fossil, the three models are Sparkling Allure, Contemporary Elegance and Evening Classic.

Using Bluetooth tech, the watches display the caller ID and vibrates as the phone is ringing or when an SMS is received.

Users can reject or mute the call with a button on the watch or use the Bluetooth headset or mobile phone to answer the call. The watches can also be used to play, pause, stop or skip a track on the phone's music player.

The watches have an monochrome OLED screen that's invisible when not in use but said to be clearly visible even in bright conditions.

The Sparkling Allure is aimed at the "young and funky fashionista" with a white leather strap and crystal decor. The Contemporary Elegance Edition is for "the young professional" and gets a stainless steel finish.

The Evening Classic is said to be "classic yet casual" with a leather strap and black face.

The MBW-200 range is available in selected markets in Q4, pricing not revealed.