Sony has announced that its Reader digital book - soon to launch in the UK - will be the first ebook reading device to support the EPUB format, the International Digital Publishing Forum’s XML-based standard format for digital books and publications.

Starting next month, the PRS-505, will be able to access and accept secure and non-secure ebooks in the EPUB format.

Additionally, the device will support Adobe eBooks with digital rights management and have the capability to reflow standard text-based PDF ebooks.

Sony says these enhancements are now made possible with the support of Adobe Digital Editions 1.5 software, which is available as a free download at

Reader users can transfer these documents to their devices using Adobe Digital Editions software, or via the updated Sony eBook Library software that comes packaged with new Readers.

Current owners of the PRS-505 model can upgrade their units now from the Sony support site:

In the States, in "celebration", Sony will introduce a limited edition red PRS-505 model that will ship with EPUB and enhanced PDF support right out of the box.