The G700 and G900 mobile phones have launched at the Mobile World Congress event with the bold claim that they are "designed to give back time".

A "new generation of phone" the G-series are touchscreen organisers with a "broad" appeal.

The G700, described as a "personal organiser in-your-pocket" keeps user's contacts, calendars, notes, pictures and favourite websites all in one place - and so says the blurb - just a fingertip away.

The G900 has all the functions of the G700 with the added feature of a new 5-megapixel auto-focus camera.

"Sony Ericsson is delivering touchscreen and innovative organiser capabilities to a wide audience without compromising on the size or shape of the phone. Both the G700 and G900 have regular keyboards and are no larger than a regular phone", says Martin Winkler, with an impressively long job title at Sony Ericsson.

"These phones are ideal for users that are only interested in making their lives simpler. It's not about technology for the sake of it."

The G700 will launch in "Silk Bronze" and the G900 will launch in "Dark Red" and "Dark Brown". Both are UMTS 2100 and GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 phones that will be available in selected markets from Q2 2008. Highlights below.

Sony Ericsson G700 phone:

* One-touch full organiser functions
* Touch controlled Notes application - write and draw your memos
* 2.4-inch display with unique single touch control menu
* 3.2-megapixel camera
* Compact size

Sony Ericsson G900 phone:

* One-touch media experience
* 5-megapixel camera with touch auto-focus and multi-shot function
* One-touch media and organiser menu
* 2.4-inch display with single touch control menu
* Wi-Fi for high speed data transfer and internet browsing