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(Pocket-lint) - Every day 'til UK iDay, we have been, and will be, bringing you an "iPhone Killer" which is our way of describing, in slightly dramatic terms, rival phones that we believe are worth a look before you splash out your £269 on Apple's mobile.

Today, and with the iPod-standard music-functionality of the iPhone in mind, we're looking at Sony Ericsson's high-end W910i Walkman phone.

Available in Noble Black, or Hearty Red - exclusive to Orange - this recent offering from the Walkman-branded range is an overall strong device with a few stand-out features.

Transfer speeds of up to 3.6Mbps via HSDPA connectivity means its has the 3G that the iPhone sadly does not, while internal memory of 35MB is not in the iPhone's league, but can be expanded via Memory Stick Micro.

A quick general round up of features shows a 2-megapixel camera with 2.5x digital zoom, Bluetooth, FM radio, video calling and messaging and nine hours of battery life.

Two music related features, that critics might describe as gimmicky, but we think are fun, are the SensMe and Shake controls.

The SensMe selection function in the Walkman MP3 player (version 3.0) lets you chose songs by style and tempo
showing your selections on a visual dot matrix chart.

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The Shake control that lets you flick the handset to skip tracks but extends beyond music - it also adds a new dimension to mobile gaming. If you don't want to use the dedicated gaming buttons, just steer the W910 from left to right to make your move.

The W910i is available now, from free, on higher priced contracts from both T-Mobile (where is can be used with their Web'n'walk packages) and Orange.

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott.