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(Pocket-lint) - 23half Inc has announced the availability of Thrrum Visual Browser and Cameraphone Search service for select Sony Ericsson camera phone models.

Available as a six dollar download, with Thrrum Visual Browser - and your cameraphone - if point your phone at any text, click, you can then search the internet for matches with the image you've just snapped.

The examples given are books, billboards, product labels, restaurant menus - all of which you can photograph and then carry out a "1-Click" search for online.

So how does it work? Thrrum Visual Browser brings together visual recognition technologies and information search in the context of camera phones.

It's based on technology demonstrated by 23half back in 2005 with the "nThrum" technology demonstrator. Thrrum Visual Browser presents a unique 1-click approach to hyperlinking physical objects with related information.

"Sony Ericsson has been a pioneer of mobile phones with advanced imaging capabilities", said K. Gopalakrishnan, CEO of 23half.

"Thrrum Visual Browser further extends the functionality of imaging capabilities of Sony Ericsson camera phones."

"Now, users of Sony Ericsson camera phones can point their camera phone at a book, a product label or any print material, click, and get relevant search results right inside the Thrrum Visual Browser on their phone. With Thrrum, camera phones become visual information browsers for the users’ environment."

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott.