In addition to the phones and Bluetooth watches we have already reported on, Sony Ericsson also increased their product range yesterday with some music-related offerings that they hope will "make your mobile phone the centre of your music listening world".

Three new music headsets, an FM Music Transmitter and a Music Desk Stand have been designed to complement the Sony Ericsson musical mobile line-up.

The Stereo Bluetooth Headset HBH-DS200, pairs with your phone to let you enjoy your music in stereo sound. Sony Ericsson describes this new headset as being "light
enough to be worn without pulling on your ears", the headset receives music streamed from your phone via Bluetooth. You can accept or reject calls and control your phone’s music player using the headset, so your phone can stay safely in your pocket. The phone pauses your music automatically when a call comes in.

The Stereo Portable Hands HPM-90 is described as the perfect partner for your Walkman phone for every day listening to music. Designed to complement the Walkman phone range, the HPM-90 allows you to see incoming calls as well as track information.

The Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-83 wraps behind your neck so won’t get in the way if you're out running or in the gym, and as Sony Ericsson point out, it also means if you're a hat person then you can wear just about any style of head gear at the same time.

The FM Music Transmitter MMR-70 is pretty much what it sounds like - with the MMR-70 you can play the music stored on your phone through your radio speakers. The
player transmits the tracks over radio waves to your FM radio, with no need for wires or any other connection. You simply plug the MMR-70 into your phone, choose an available radio frequency and off you go.

The Music Desk Stand MDS-65 lets you turn your phone into a stereo system and share your music at home, at work or whilst travelling. You can either use it as a battery-powered standalone player or plug it in and listen through the speakers on your desk. The Music Desk Stand charges your phone while it’s cradled and its unique rotating system connector fits all current Sony Ericsson phones.

So there you go - a nice selection of products for any current Sony Ericsson music phone owners out there, or just a few more reasons to tempt you into getting one of the upcoming swanky new Walkman models.