Sony has fought back against Nokia's N95 with the launch of a 5 megapixel camera phone as apart of its Cyber-shot range.

The new clamshell announced today in Berlin will be called the K850 and offer HSDPA connectivity alongside a 2.2-inch screen allowing users to quickly upload images to the web.

With an even stronger focus on the digital camera than previous Cyber-shot models, the lens cover retracts automatically with one press of the camera button and a new mode selector lets you switch quickly between camera, video and picture viewing modes.

Similar to the K810, the regular phone keyboard also has a dual purpose; switch to camera mode and illuminated icons indicate which keys act as short-cuts for the digital zoom and other functions.

The new camera phone will also feature a new media browser allowing you to view photos, video, music or podcasts in one place as well as allowing you to carry out an intelligent search to see photos by the month they were taken, view thumbnail images or scroll through in full-picture mode.

The K850 will also feature BestPic, Sony Ericsson's image technology that takes nine pictures in one burst so you can choose the best one.

The new handset is expected to be available in the UK in Q4 2007.

Sony Ericsson also announced two new Walkman handsets and two new models within its Z series range.

Expect a first look of the new K850 on Pocket-lint in the next couple of days.