Sony Ericsson has also unveiled four new candybar-shaped phones and several accessories for their mobiles.

The K200 and K220 are both cameraphones, while the J120 is designed for those who like listening to music.

Despite the "cameraphone" designation, the K200 only has a VGA camera, although it also features a one-click dedicated button to access the photo album. It can store up to 40 images, and will be available in either Metallic Black or Light champagne.

The K220 has similar features with the addition of an FM radio that can store up to 10 pre-sets. This phone with a radio alarm clock will be available in white or blue in the second quarter.

As with the two "K" phones, the difference between the J110 and the J120 consists of the additional radio in the J120. Both are simple models without flashy features; the J110 will be available in cream, grey, or purple, while the J120 will only be offered in black.

Sony Ericsson also launched two Bluetooth headsets and a stereo portable handsfree.

The HBH-PV702 is a wireless headset in pen-shaped form that comes in either black or white to match your phone, while the HBH-PV710 boasts talk time of 12 hours, and comes in silver and either brown or red.

The Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-75, meanwhile, has a metallic fit, and is designed for best fit, with different sizes of supplied ear buds.