Sony Ericsson’s marketing team are going all-out on this one. The company is bringing Night Tennis to the masses for free during the 5-day Sony Ericsson Championships for the WTA tour in Madrid.

The night club event plays host to DJs Darren Emerson and Groove Armada, and features tennis matches played in the dark, as well as a fashion show.

Taking place on the 9th and 10th of November, the evening sees eight players taking to the court wearing neon white, playing with neon rackets to get the neon balls over the neon net. The only source of light will be UV.

Each game will be punctuated by music beats and a light show that promises to completely disorientate the players.

Darren Emerson, who will play on the first evening, said honestly, “I’m looking forward to performing at the Night Tennis event, an idea as off the wall as you could possibly expect when combining electronic music and sport. I’ve played some interesting gigs in bizarre places over the years, but this is up there with them”.

Madrilenos can get free tickets to the event by texting PRENSA to 20100, plus their dates of birth and preferred evening. Check the website (link below) for more information.