Sony Ericsson has designed a Bluetooth watch, the MBW-100, that lets you control your mobile phone without taking it out of your pocket.

Not as chunky and, frankly, ugly as other Bluetooth watches we’ve seen, the MBW-100 features a stainless steel construction with silver facia. A tiny OLED display under the analogue watch face tells you who’s calling you while your mobile is stashed away. You can choose to reject the call by pressing one of the keys.

It also notifies you when you’ve received a text message, and when you’ve gone out of range of Bluetooth connection with your mobile. You can also control MP3 playback through the watch.

Although at first glance it may seem like a lazy way of operating your mobile, it’s ideal for when you’re in a crowded, noisy place and can’t hear your phone or feel it vibrating.

The MBW-100, which was developed in conjunction with Fossil, is expected to retail for around €300 when it goes on sale later this year.